Gas Clip Technologies, Inc.

Address: 305 W. FM 1382
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City: Cedar Hill
State: TX

Country: United States of America

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About Gas Clip Technologies, Inc.

Gas Clip Technologies offers low-cost, compliance-based portable gas detectors that are customizable, durable & easy-to-use. Innovations include multi-gas detectors that run continuously for 3 years with no charging or calibrating, multi-gas detectors with internal pumps that run for 52 hours continuously on one charge, and single gas detectors with “hibernate” feature that extends the detector’s life. Let us help solve your gas detection challenges today with a simple, cost-effective solution.

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Portable Gas Detection Made Simple, Gas Clip Technologies, Inc.

Portable Gas Detection Made Simple

Further advancements in LED photometric infrared technology have led to the development of multi-gas detectors that can run up to three years continuously with no charging and no calibration necessary. Two multi-gas detectors on the market today feature this advanced sensor technology, the 2-year Multi Gas Clip Simple and the 3-year Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus by Gas Clip Technologies.

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